Announcement..... First Personal Project Ever - Attanasio Imagery

I've finally decided, yes, I have! After reading an article on the Digital Photography School website on personal projects, I've decided on a subject. It was as simple as parking my car in a spot right at the beach, turning up the music and start pressing the shutter.

It will be titled "Cars, Music and Photography: Moving in Stereo". Each photo will be posted here on my blog and in the left "channel" I will talk briefly about the shot itself and in the right "channel" I'll describe the creative side or the processing workflow that reveals the end product.

I'm excited about the project and hope you will stop back in to see where this goes. With that, let me present the inaugural image of my first photography project. The shot which inspired the project.

I was down near the shore and I had 45 minutes to kill so I decided park in Sea Girt. Yet all I could do was sit in my car with the rain pouring down outside. What a better way to burn a few minutes then turn up the music and break out the camera. Cars, music and camera, wow, the genesis of the project. Simple as that! I figure It can be done anywhere, at any time, in any weather(especially with winter coming). Left Channel.

As for the processing of this series I plan on using a few presets I've created in Lightroom, OnOne Photo Suite and Topaz. There will be a specific look and a bit of continuity to the shots, hopefully one that will want you to come back with each blog post. Right Channel

Look for entries about once a week and as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts, good or bad and if you feel so inclined, please share on any social media just credit me when you do. Thanks, here's to Moving in Stereo.

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