Details, Details, Details... August 18, 2014 - Attanasio Imagery

So, you see, I have this thing for details when it comes to cars. In fact when taking pictures of classic cars I'm so focused on the finer details when my eyes move away from the viewfinder everything else is quite blurred. I think I have a problem:)

Just yesterday I ventured over to the Rolling Iron Classic Car Show @ Allaire State Park and quickly became immersed in the hundreds of little nuances of cars manufactured before 1989. The oldest car was a 1914 Ford Model T. Don't know if it was actually driven(probably not) to the show but was in pretty good shape as far as I could tell. Desperately trying not to have my cameras not touch each car, I spent the majority of my time 4 inches way shooting detail after detail. 

This is a shot of a ornament that I believe was atop the hood of a late model Ford. Don't remember the model or age but saw this logo a few times during the day.

Below I will outline my processing sequence.... have a look.

Comments always welcomed!

Processing outline:

1. Made selection of lower the lower right hand corner, flipped it horizontally and placed it on lower left hand corner to eliminate unwanted yuck.

2.Exported to Topaz Simplify to smooth out photo and masked in the Ford letters to keep details.

3. Exported to OnOne's Perfect Effects(thanks Julie) and added a texture and a solid border.

4. Imported back into Lightroom and added some saturation to the reds.

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