Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...Oct 7,2014 - Attanasio Imagery

Walking along the riverfront in Hoboken, NJ I couldn't help but see a beautiful, ornate steeple of sorts amongst a grove of trees. I decided that I had to see what building the tower was associated with so I walked south for 1/4 mile or so and shortly thereafter came upon the Waiting Room. A terminal in the Lackawana Railroad building.

When I first arrived I was assessing the surroundings and looking for the best perspective to shoot this eye-catching structure. I knew it immediately that I would have to bracket the scene since the facade of the building was in the shade and the sun almost directly over the building. Problem was there were no features in the sky.....boring. I went inside to shoot the interior and after 1/2 hour or so I emerged to find the sky with these clouds, perfect!

Three brackets later, a trip to Photomatix and then to Color Efex Pro 2 and "bam", a shot I'm excited to show you.

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