In The Mood... Cars, Music and Photography Project - Attanasio Imagery

On this warm, late, autumn day some mellow jazz was in order. None better than the most sought-after blues guitarist in the world today. Joe Bonamassa is the leading guitarist in the blues genre today. He takes the lead in this funk jazz band called "Rock Candy Funk Party". New York Song is quite mellow and I could listen to it repeatedly.

As for the processing of this shot I used layers from several different programs including: HDR Efex Pro to merge 3 bracketed shots; OnOne PhotoSuite 8 for the overall warm tone of the shot; and finally Lightroom and it's radial filter to add a vignette to accentuate the cell phone's display.

Different Shades of Blue, one of Bonamassa's newest, is so good even the producer is in awe. and if your in the mood for some funky jazz check this out, Spaztastic.

As always, would love to hear your comments.

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