It Is.... In The Eyes! - Attanasio Imagery

In a previous post I talked about the eyes being the most important feature in most people pictures. I just watched a video by Joe Edelman reiterating the same point when working with people. It was a real "eye opener" That was bad right? Anyway, one of the things I really have enjoyed with off camera flash photography is how light interacts with the eyes.

In this shot I utilized the butterfly effect of shooting up close by placing the off camera flash slightly in front of and above my daughters face. You can see the catch light in her eyes. They say it produces a butterfly shadow just below the nose when executed directly. I almost got it on this shot, but I do love what it did to her eyes.

I've been overloading on youtube videos regarding single light, off camera photography. I think I'll stick with this technique for a while and also incorporate a recently purchased reflector to master this classic look.

As always comments are welcomed below.

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