New Year Resolution: More People, More People... Jan. 1, 2015 - Attanasio Imagery

So, we all have them, resolutions. Yeah, resolutions, those promises that we will change our lives, hopefully for the better. Lose weight, less chocolate, work out more. I just read an article that reported that 75% of resolutions are broken by January 9th. Come people(including myself) show some perseverance. I wish all of you the greatest and most success of those resolutions in 2015!

My photography resolution is to take more pictures of people, hmmmm, if I recall, this was my resolution in 2014. Yes it was, now hold off on the comments, no one says you can't go back to back on a resolution. That's right, and why not?

I've had a commitment to this promise and I'm actually enjoying it, so, why not. In holding to my resolution I present my first headshot of the year.

Technical Stuff:

Off camera Younguno Speedlight shot through a 42" Impact Umbrella positioned slightly camera right of center. Edited in Lightroom and OnOne Perfect Portrait 9.

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