Quintessential California - Attanasio Imagery

We all have them... don't we? Those shots you seem to always go back to, whether it's the memory, the location, the style, the colors. Whatever it might be I have always come back to this shot that I took a few years ago from Newport Beach California. I really like the original shot, one that I took while standing on the pier in Newport. And I always come back to it when ever I get a new piece of software. In this case I've recently purchased a new program from Topaz Labs called Impression. If you don't know anything about the program it renders digital photos into a multitude of classic and modern works of art. Now it will never be the real deal of course but the results are definitely visually appealing (for me anyway).

So let me tell you a bit about my processing. It's a multi-phase process that starts out with the export of the original raw (you should be shooting raw, if you're not) file from Lightroom into Topaz Impression. Better yet let me do this in a list I think it's easier to follow.

1. Export from Lightroom to Topaz Impression

2. Choose the Van Gogh 1 preset

3. Tweak the stroke width and the stroke length

4. Adjust the saturation and lightness of sand and water colors

5. Import back into Lightroom

For the rest of the adjustments see photo below......

So as you can see not much further processing took place. I mainly wanted to bring out the beachfront homes by adding contrast and lowering the exposure in that area. The adjustment brush does this very well. I toyed with the idea of a vignette but as you can see I did not include it in the final rendering.

If you don't know about the Topaz programs or haven't played with the new Impression I suggest you go over to Topaz Labs and download the trail for 30 days, it's free!

As always I'd love to hear your thoughts and even share your pieces of art down there in the comments box. Thanks!

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