Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.... June 21, 2014 - Attanasio Imagery

I am constantly amazed at the quality of photographs from the "selfie" generation. I have two teenage daughters who produce fantastic pictures and many times I ask them about their shots and what they were thinking when they took the shot.

Well just like any parent questioning their kids I get one word answers that help very little in understanding the thought process. This ambiguousness (Is that a word?) brings me to thinking... How do they manage to produce pictures with great composition, lighting, mood and color? Do they study other peoples pictures or do they just have an eye for the perfect shot?

I think it comes down to one thing.... repetition. Many of us can just look at the volume of photos on any one of our kids phones and find hundreds, if not thousands, of photos occupying most of the memory in the phones our kids possess. They learn by doing. Not by reading, not by discussion, not by researching the masters. They learn by constantly taking pictures and experimenting with different angles, poses, lighting and scenes. They are never afraid to take a shot.

Maybe we, as adults, need to learn a lesson from the younger generation when it comes to getting the perfect shot. If at first you don't succeed, try try again. Get off the computer, stop reading those photography books, exit Photoshop and Lightroom and get out and take more pictures.

Go ahead get out there and give it a try. You never know where it might take you. That's my new resolution.

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